Tomorrow I'm leaving here, to go back to the Catholic Worker in Champaign. The two week break was just about right. The first week, I felt like I was just pulling myself together, getting free from the thoughts and pressures that had been troubling me. The second week I started getting my perspective back. That's a big part of why retreats are important. Getting out of our usual surroundings with their usual pressures and anxieties, and taking a wider view of things, a wider view of our lives. It's really helped me a lot. I'm even looking forward to returning tomorrow.

And, again, I'm very impressed by how this was just the break I needed, right when I needed it (and with Heather's previously planned visit right in the middle). And it just fell in my lap. It wasn't my idea. Julius called out of the blue and invited me to come, and even had some worthwhile work for me to do while I was here. The two weeks were just about right to teach Bob the basics of using the internet. And also just right for me. God provides very well, especially when we can't (or don't know how to) provide for ourselves.

I'm very grateful.